Our Process

Our skilled craftsmen have been helping homeowners and businessowners select, fabricate, and install kitchen countertops from more than 30 years.



There’s a lot to think about when designing a custom kitchen or bathroom. It all begins with your inspiration, and it ends with the perfect countertop installation. Once your design is finalized, drawings are sent to our experienced CSR’s to create an estimate and make needed revisions. After an estimate is signed, our trained scheduling department takes over and assigns tentative template, production, and installation dates.



Since no wall is perfectly flat or smooth, capturing an accurate measurement is the first step in creating your new countertops. Our trained experts will visit the installation site and use the latest in technology to create a precise digital template that ensures an exact fit. These templates and measurements are then taken to our engineers who create AutoCAD drawings that are sent to the customer for approval.



Once final drawings are approved, our state-of-the-art equipment cuts and polishes your surface, using the digital template as a guide. Skilled craftsmen prepare the final product to meet your custom specifications, which produces a high-quality countertop.



Our team will manage every detail of your installation, working with you to achieve the beautiful results you expect.