Laminate countertops exceed most housing and food industry standards for impact, wear, sanitary requirements, stain resistance, and scratch resistance. In addition to having a wide range of colors available, we have several finishes available that include stone, brushed metals, and more.

At Fabricators Unlimited, we divide laminate countertops into two sub-categories: postform laminate countertops and custom laminate countertops. Learn more about them below.

Postform laminate countertops are made with a pre-formed backsplash and edges so that the laminate can be rolled over to create a single, directional, seamless piece of laminate. Postform countertops are different from custom laminate countertops for this reason.

Stock Postform Laminate Colors
Postform Laminate Edges

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Limitless customization – backsplash heights, seamless tops, and matching end treatments.

We’re able to make seamless laminate up to a 5’ by 12’ area, and we can pre-assemble up to a 5’ by 14’ area for your convenience. There are no minimum size restrictions, custom size charges, or machine reset charges for your custom laminate surface.

Custom Laminate Edges

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Find the most current colors available for postform & custom laminate countertops by browsing these websites: